World Of Wine Game

World of Wine Game

The World of Wine game is a board game both wine novices & pros can play together.

With over 320 cards with questions on wine styles, key grapes & wines from around the world as well as some fun wine facts and trivia.

Moving around the board, wherever you land you’ll get a question on one of eight categories, from Old & New World, Viticulture & Vinification, Fortified, Sparkling & Sweet Wines.

There are 3 options, so no matter what the question is you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right!

The points you earn are determined by how much wine knowledge you already have so a novice still stands a chance of winning! Answer correctly to win points.

The individual or team with the highest score wins.

If you are a wine lover then the World of Wine game will be right up your street. Created by an accredited Wine Educator, it’s an entertaining luxury board game that’s both fun and educational.

The World of Wine game is ideal not only for the wine enthusiast, but also as a fun learning tool for people in the drinks and hospitality industry.

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